Sunday, July 16, 2017

Not The Weekly Update - Sunday, July 16th, 2017 - Cranky and Annoyed, At Best

I now have a chaise to go with my deck chair, with parasol.

There's going to be no real post today, as I'm tired and cranky and don't really have anything interesting to all of you to talk about. Maybe tomorrow, if I feel like it.

Did have a very good time at IKEA Friday, and visiting with friends yesterday; it's the recent e-mails and messages that have gotten me down.

If I may offer a personal comment, some folks just can't seem to understand that their antics ruin a lot of other people's fun, and really manages to alienate them from the larger game hobby and game community; it's like watching "Game of Thrones" with all the nice bits removed. Lots and lots of unsympathetic people doing unpleasant things to each other, all in the name of power and prestige.

Have fun with that, people. You ain't welcome 'round here, no more.


  1. @ Chirine:

    Ooo. I hope it wasn't something *I* said!

    Hope you can get some rest, man.

  2. These guys target you because you represent something that goes back to the Early Days - something worthy of challenging. Nobody ever challenge me or try to influence me: I'm just a guy with 5 dice and 8 miniatures and 1 good pencil. Who cares?

    In an ideal world, Chirine's Workbench could be a weekly newsletter, only available to the people on your mailing list - all chosen by you, one by one. But of course that's not how the Internet works, and even I wouldn't have found your blog 4 years ago if it had been just a newsletter!

    There's always gonna be an asshole somewhere (pardon my language). You can't have Light without a bit of Darkness, and you can't have Darkness without Light. (Wow, I inadvertently put on my Wisdom +4 Phylactery here.) 😁😎